Vaders liefdesbrief e-cards

Vaders liefdesbrief - Terug

If you seek me
Houd mij vast
De Vader die je kent
Kracht van uw liefde
Kind zijn
Love Jesus
Liefde kennen
De vader die troost
Doing good
Delight in me
Everlasting love
Close to hearth
Never separate from love
One day
Always been Father
I know
In Jesus Love Revealed
Perfect Father
No mistake
Every good gift
In me
My child
Countless thoughts
Great things
Lavish my love
Rejoice over you
Gave up everything
Will you be My child?
Expression of love
Chose you
Wonderfully made
Jesus died for you
Hairs numbered
Receive Jesus
I know you
Made in God's image
Not against you
Offer you more